My husband and I were casually talking the other day (over two foamy Italian cappuccino’s of course) about what type of content really serves people well.

Because if I’m honest, sometimes I feel a little worn out (maybe overwhelmed or just tired or perhaps occassionally underwelmed and uninspired?) by all of the content available to us.

There’s just so much that we can download or explore or read about. With just a click here and a tap there and voilá: information appears.

And while that’s an incredible asset to any business (fellow graduate of the University of Google here), I guess I just wonder if we’re creating content only to be able to sell?

Or are we creating content to serve? To build value? To simply give and benefit someone else with what we know?

Don’t get me wrong. You have to create content in order to sell.

But what if we aimed to serve first with the content we create and sell second?

That’s what my husband and I chatted about. We’re asking ourselves how we can change the conversation a bit and truly create content that inspires you, serves you and champions the hard work you are putting in each day.

And while I’m sure we’ll miss the mark here and there, one of the ways we hope to achieve this is through an intentional and perhaps unexpected stream of blog posts here.

A way to serve you that feels good to us. And by good, I mean authentic and real. Not forced.

I kept thinking (and telling my husband) that: “people don’t read blogs anymore”. (Like, do words have any relevance in the age of TikTok and Reels (which if we’re being honest don’t feel as authentic to us as it might to you and your brand).

But then it came to me (albeit, I understand this is a wee bit obvious, but nevertheless):

They do when it matters. When there’s something in it for you. When it’s helpful, engaging, interesting or beneficial. When you can relate to it, connect with it, do something with it.

Words have always and will always matter when we take the time to write them with intention. When we write them with a person (hi you, our dear reader!) in mind.

So I told my husband I was going to get back to the keys. Which, oddly enough, is how my business really came to fruition in the first place. Before I was a designer or a marketing director or really anything at all, I wrote. Words and I go a long way back. I think my first blog was (phew this is a long time ago, but …) when I was 14.

The point is that I want to care a little less about creating to sell and more about creating to serve. You at the forefront of everything we design, curate, craft.

And that’s why I’m back here, tapping at the keys and hitting publish again.

Next up is a really (well, I hope it will be) helpful series on how to customize a ShowIt website template to fit your unique brand, content and personality. It’s a sort of “pull back the curtain” series with a lot of helpful tips and designer insights that are going to make your life easier and your website even better. I’m really excited about it. It’s going to give you some huge wins if you’re a DIY’er trying to work wonders with a new website!

So stay tuned and know:

Content that serves will always end up being … content that helps you sell.

So serve well this week, friends.

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