current turnaround time: 2-4 weeks

Our Petit brand build includes the basics that we consider absolutely essential to branding a business, but your branding can take you much further when it is applied throughout your physical and digital client touchpoints. If you have the budget to do a larger package, we would definitely recommend getting the additional assets that are included there (branding guide, email signatures, packaging, etc). But, we know that not every brand has an immediate budget for that, and that's ok too. The Petit brand build is designed for you to build on to later, if needed.  

You will have all of your logos and submarks in every single one of your branding colors, as well as in black and white, and you will be able to plug them into Canva or Illustrator to put them to good use. You will also receive color codes and font recommendations. If you happen to need a special file type for something specific (a custom wax seal, perhaps?), just let us know and we will be happy to make sure you have what you need. 

We have created a very thorough project workbook with absolutely everything we need to know to really get to the heart of your brand. The more complete you are with your information, the better picture we will have of your hopes and dreams for your brand. The project workbook includes short form questions, as well as places to upload your existing content if you have it, and we require a pinterest board so that we can get a good visual for what you are drawn to as well. If you're not exactly sure what you want, don't worry! We are very good at reading between the lines. Our very favorite client feedback is something along the lines of "how did you give me exactly what I wanted, but better?!" Highest praise, and something we strive for on every single project. 

Our Petit brand build is small but mighty. It is typically a good fit for a new or semi new business. Our larger packages are more extensive and include things you may need down the road as your business grows, so we build our Petit package with growth in mind. If your budget doesn't allow for you to commit to a larger package now, you could start with a Petit and add on to your branding as your needs and budget allow. 

Petit packages are our smallest package, and also our quickest turnaround! Petit brand builds are typically completed within 2-3 weeks.