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Luxury Branding & Website Design With A Tailored To You Approach

Easy to Edit on the ShowIt Platform

Our templates are built for use on the ShowIt website platform & are not only fully customizable, but easy to edit with no coding required.

Designed to Attract & Convert

Every template is built with the same level of intentionality and strategy that we pour into our custom sites. You can be assured that your template has been designed to help you attract your ideal clients and convert them into paying, loyal fans of your brand.

Inbox Support & Video Tutorials

What's a template worth if you don't know how to use it? Every template comes with exclusive access to over 20+ video tutorials to help you customize and launch your new site with ease. 

a refined & responsive website template

The Nantucket

Relaxed & Sophisticated

Photos used in this template are placeholders only and have been graciously provided by Kelsey Cowley.

so, what's actually included?

A fully customizable website design built for exclusive use on the ShowIt platform, a drag-and-drop builder that requires absolutely no coding. Upon purchase, you'll receive a shared design key. Simply download the design into your ShowIt account, upload your content, customize it until your heart soars happy and hit publish. Note: ShowIt subscription must be purchased separately. You can do so here.

A matching, pre-installed blog design crafted on ShowIt (so it's looks just right!) but backed by the incredible blogging power of Wordpress. 

A responsive site that shows up beautifully on any and every device. View, edit and customize the mobile site design alongside of your primary site and have complete control over every single aspect of your site. Promise this matters, because: 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile! 

A pre-installed color palette and font system (that, if you want to change, you totally can!). Demo images have graciously been provided by Flora & Grace and must be replaced.

Access to over 20+ video tutorials within our exclusive training library. Learn the ins and outs of ShowIt and feel fully equipped to take charge over your new site.

a fully customizable website for the drag & drop platform, showit

a matching, pre-installed blog design with the power of wordpress

a responsive design that shows up beautifully on every device

a pre-installed color palette and font system

designer support & access to over 20+ video tutorials

We know. They're all really pretty which makes it really hard to pick just one. So, if you're working hard to narrow it down, here's what to look for. Rather than looking at the aesthetics of the site, since those can be changed easily, look at the layout. If the layout looks like a winning fit for your site content, that's the one to go with!

01. select & purchase your site


 Remember those daunting feelings you always had when it came time to do anything with your website? Fret no longer! Now you can get to work customizing your new site alongside our helpful library of video tutorials and help docs that are exclusive to our Site Shop. Pour a cuppa and settle in for the most fun you've ever had with your website.

02. customize your new site

The truth is that we built this site shop so that you could grow your business with ease and success online. More than pretty designs, we wanted to hand you something that would truly make a difference in your life and business. We know you've worked so hard to get to this point so kick back, relax and watch your business grow!

03. succeed with your new site

3 simple steps to showing 

up successfully online.

can you believe it's really this simple?

ShowIt is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website platform and host. It has powerful SEO capabilities, integrated Wordpress blogging and truthfully, some of the best, most helpful customer support. (Expect Gifs often!) Though ShowIt does require a paid subscription, it's one of the best investments you'll make in your business. They also offer a ton of helpful resources including live trainings via Facebook and a live chat option built right into your ShowIt design dashboard. 

Surprise! You can change that ... and so much more! Easily change, edit or completely delete any single element you'd like. From colors and fonts to entire pages, you have total creative freedom to do whatever you'd like. There are no limits! 

Here's the honest truth: We wouldn't be selling these templates to you, built exclusively on the ShowIt platform, if we didn't think you could. In fact, we have purposefully chosen the ShowIt platform because we 100% believe that you should have a site that you know how to use with ease. There's nothing worse than having a site that you dread working on: cue the stress and bad business decisions because you're constantly procrastinating (right?). But not with ShowIt. Not with our templates. They are made for you. For the every woman in business. (Ps: We've even had template buyers who have never used ShowIt receive their template and launch it in just three days!) But, in case you're still a bit unsure, we've added an entire library of video tutorials that you can access whenever you need a little help or know how. Not every template shop does this. Many leave it for you to figure out on your own. But we really, really, really want you to not just be able to do it. We want you to be confident that you can. 

what is showit?

can i change the fonts & colors?

tell it to me straight. am i really going to be able to do this?


The Nantucket


Because this is an instant, digital download, all purchases are non-refundable.