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Launching October 28th

Premium templates designed to take the stress, overwhelm and high price tag out of the way so you can focus on making what really matters happen (ok, and some extra money too).

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With refined aesthetics, built in marketing strategy and client-focused formats, you'll set your brand up for success and watch overwhelm, stress and tech-fatigue fly away with the wind! These templates require no mad-scientist level of expertise. They are simple to use, customize and make your own (sans the stress and overwhelm that likes to hang around).

When shop doors open, (soon!), you'll simply snag the template of your choice, customize it to fit your brand and hit publish when you're ready to share it with the world! Snag it during launch week and there's even more to celebrate!

A ready-to-go, completely customizable ShowIt website and blog with 10+ pages

Pre-installed font and color systems

Built in marketing strategies, copywriting tips and imagery sources

Access to the exclusive MS video library, teaching you how to use, manage and promote your new website

A special invite to the Meggan Stefan Facebook Community Group

Support, every step of the way

Included In Your Purchase

3 Landing page templates to boost your subscriber list, share your latest freebie or announce your newest program or service!

$100 off The Refined Experience: work 1:1 with a professional designer and marketing strategist to ensure that every piece of your new website drives profit and engagement!

A surprise gift sent to your inbox to help you stay focused, motivated and energized as you work on your new website!

Launch Week Bonuses

Note: These offers will expire post launch week and are free to you when you purchase a template from The Atelier! 

Here's what creative entrepreneurs, like you, are saying about the templates:

There is no way I could have designed my website without Meggan's help. Her template was simple yet elegant, and I was confident I could transfer it to different content than it was intended for. Her templates are worth every penny and I know my business will grow more because of her help!

lauren engler, sleep consultant


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