When I'm not searching for the next best flight to Europe, you can find me settled behind the keys, designing sites that are refined, yet approachable 

(like a perfect French croissant ).

Studio Stefan began to take shape many years ago while I was in Europe, making a home out of Austria and making sense of the German keyboard on my newly purchased MacBook. (A task made challenging by the little detail that nein, I don’t happen to speak German.) But as I got to know my way around the country and the keys, I also got to know my own design sensibilities: refined, approachable, and refreshing, like a linen button-down French tucked into favorite denim. And from my flat overlooking a lush Austrian park, I started taking on design projects for clients near and far, perfecting that lived-in, upscale signature style that Studio Stefan would eventually be known for. 

studio founder + lead designer

Salut, I'm Meg Stefan

Since then, our studio has been commissioned to design for some of the industry's leading entrepreneurs, including KT Merry and Ira Lippke — along with dozens of other passionate entrepreneurs , like you, who have entrusted us with their brand visuals.

Whether we’re sketching web page layouts or curating a font suite, we approach every project with all in commitment. After all, our clients are all in about what they do, too.

Over the years, Studio Stefan clients have been featured on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings — and have landed more qualified leads at luxury price points as a result of our strategy-infused, refined designs. (For a girl who once dreamed of becoming a New York Times Editor, this is as good as it gets, no?)

My European husband now works alongside me (as does our sweet bebé, Luca) from our home just outside of New York. And together, with the help of our small and skillful design team, we have the joy of building a business that supports our way of life — and yours too. 

We warmly invite you to pull up a seat at the table (espresso?) and fill us in about what you envision for the next era of your business. We’ll tend to the rest.


Studio Stefan is known for our sophisticated yet approachable design sensibility, which resonates with both our clients and theirs. We use our discerning taste, extensive understanding of industry trends, and our wisdom about small business ownership to lead clients closer to where they want to be. We’re also discerning about the type of client we work with, deliberately focusing our efforts on successful industry professionals who want to attract a higher-caliber client and more closely align with the luxury market.


As small business owners ourselves, we’re acutely aware that time is limited for our clients. By helping them eliminate areas of inefficiency, we give our clients the space, time, and energy to invest their effort in more impactful ways that moves the needle forward. Every Showit template we create or customize is intentionally built to support useful and relevant third-party platform integrations that can streamline our clients’ workflow, automate administrative tasks, and encourage leisurely afternoons. 


Even though our target audience is narrow in scope — industry leading entrepreneurs edging toward the luxury market — we recognize that every client is different. Our personalized, high-touch design process ensures that we’re designing for our client’s every intricacy and need.


We are devoted to seeing projects all the way through, tying up every loose end and tending to every last detail. Never half-hearted or lukewarm, we are just as invested in our clients’ success as they are, and the level of service we provide reflects our sincere commitment. While we don’t try to promise results that are outside our sphere of control, our intention is to help clients lift out of the current sliver of the market they’re serving and set them up as thoroughly as possible to enter the luxury market.


The crux of Studio Stefan is good people doing good work for good people. We don’t promise outlandish results or inflate clients’ expectations about how quickly they can enter the luxury market; instead, we focus on creating high-quality work that we sincerely believe will best position clients to thrive. And on a broader scale, we’re of the mind that genuine warmth, honesty, and candidness have a place in business. Among our clients and the wider creative community, we aim to be respected for the quality of our craft and character. 

— jennie lou

"I like to work with people whom I personally really enjoy talking to, and these two are a breath of fresh air."

I was really struggling to decide who to work with on my new website, but ultimately it was the authenticity and affirmation found in Studio Stefan's reviews. I was so reassured by other's experiences and knew if client's repeatedly felt encouraged and happy with their results, then I would too. Meggan and Josef are a wonderful husband and wife team, and so very kind. I like to work with people whom I personally really enjoy talking to, and these two are a breath of fresh air.

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