If your business were say, the Louvre, then I'm here to make your website the Mona Lisa, the work of art that attracts your ideal client and gets you noticed.

Every design seamlessly connects refined aesthetics with profitable strategies, elevating your brand, clarifying your message and making you memorable in an oversaturated creative market.

You are an artist creating important things. It's time to be seen.

Custom ShowIt Website Design

The Artisan Experience


STARTING AT: $3750.00

Comprehensive Brand Questionnaire

Custom Design and Development on ShowIt

A Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website Design

Video Tutorials

Launch Graphics for Social Media

Optional Add-Ons Per Request

The Artisan Experience is for creative entrepreneurs who already have an established brand and are ready to elevate their visual identity with a customized website. 

You hit publish on a website that increases your value, drives profit, lands you dream-client work and frees you to live life more fully.


Work 1:1 with a professional designer to put finishing touches on your website, test-drive it and refine it like Michelangelo perfected the Mona Lisa smile. 

the refine experience

With a knack for words and over seven years of marketing experience, I'll show up for you like a conjunction shows up for two ends of a sentence. Don't launch your website without an editor's red pen & exclamation points!



Be Booked.

Premium templates designed to take the stress, overwhelm and high price tag out of the way so you can focus on making what really matters happen.

the premíere collection

A high-converting landing page template, built for creative entrepreneurs on ShowIt, that will help you connect with your audience, grow your e-mail list, promote your next course or workshop and confidently sell without feeling icky.

lead page template

The average project takes 6-10 weeks, with a set start and launch date. I never book two projects at once so you'll have my undivided attention and support throughout the entire process. Before you know it, your new website will be live and we'll all be clinking our glasses in celebration!

All designs are exclusively created on the ShowIt website platform, with Wordpress blog integration. ShowIt is user-friendly, completely customizable, responsive and has top-notch customer service. Learn more about ShowIt here.

Because I work 1:1 with all of my clients, a 25% deposit of the total investment is required to hold your spot in my calendar. The retainer fee is non-refundable.

No worries there, friend! I've got you covered. You can choose to have your payments split up over a period of 3 or 6 months, with no added interest or payment plan fees.

Yes! Now is the perfect time for you to invest in a strong and solid foundation for your business to grow and succeed! If this is you, I'd highly recommend The Artisan Experience! You can find out more about this all-inclusive package here.

I have been doing web design, photography and marketing for the past seven years! My eye for detail, warm personality, commitment to authenticity and experience is top-notch! You'll not only receive a website at the end of our time working together, but a lifelong source of support and friendship.

"Not only are Meggan's web design skills top-notch, but she operates from a deep understanding of how the website will serve your ideal client and represent your brand. If that isn't enough, she takes the time to get to know you, to be excited for you and to cheer you on as you grow your business. From the second you contact her and long after your website has launched, she is focused on serving you well."

Bree Thompson, Wedding Photographer

You have a website, but it's doing nothing for you.

You're losing clients because they're confused!

You're hiding your business cards in shame.

you aren't working with your ideal client.

You're charging the bare minimum.

You have more time in your day and revenue is up!

You're providing  a  top-notch user experience!

You've never been more proud of your business!

The dream work is pouring in!

You can raise your prices & clients will still book you!


we're in the business of crafting

Launching November | A clean and polished website design for a Pittsburgh based fine art photographer, Anna Laero.

Launching This Month | A modern, minimal and vibrant website design for a Washington D.C. based creative director, Sarah Ashman.

Launching December | A n earthy and artistic website design for a Michigan based brand designer, Vivian Kammel.

Creative Business Resource Library

ACCESS my exclusive

We provide top referrals for copywriting, branding, photography, content creation and more so that you can walk away with everything you could possibly need to craft a strong visual identity at the highest possible standards. 

Here at the atelier, we are not only able to provide you with quality recommendations, but can work alongside our partners to set your business up for the most success, sans stress and overwhelm. 

Atelier Partners

Everything you need in one place



Brand Photography

Content Creation

Creative Director


It's time to be seen.

Phase One: Research

Through a comprehensive questionnaire, a strategic and intentional plan of action will be put together.

Phase Two: Prepare

You'll gather all of the pieces we'll need to get moving along using my signature and stress-free content organization system.

Phase Three: Design

I'll begin crafting a design that connects refined aesthetics and profitable strategies, making your home on the net a place you never want to leave.

Phase Four: Develop

I'll develop the design and add in strategic bits of interactivity that will keep your visitors engaged and interested.

Phase Five: Testing 1, 2, 3

Just when launch day is right around the corner, we'll test-drive the website to make sure it's full-proof before going live!

Phase Six: Launch

It's time to celebrate! You've built a business that is now accurately represented online! 

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